Member Benefits

Benefits of DAMA NY Membership

  • The Chapter has a well informed and motivated membership. The current members provide an excellent network of contacts on information management tools and methodologies.
  • Members can listen to the most important and influential speakers on matters at the heart of information management, application design and implementation, and participate in serious discussions with the presenters.
  • The New York chapter is affiliated with DAMA International. DAMA International is a world-wide organization with the same goals as the local chapters, but with the resources to stage larger events and provide opportunities for education to the membership of all chapters.
  • The New York chapter sponsors Professional Development Seminars (meetings held several times per year). These events are not simply 1 hour lecture presentations, but short (half day) classes on an important topic by an expert teacher. For members, these events are at no charge. For non-members, the fees will vary from $45 to $75 depending on the instructor.
  • Technology Day (DAMA Tech Day) conferences feature the foremost speakers in the world presenting on a particular theme such as repository management, information architecture, client-server or data warehouse technology. These special events are single day programs which include a served luncheon, conference proceedings, vendor exhibits and demos. DAMA Members receive a Discount for this event.
  • Technology Seminars feature experts on a specific topic for a full-day session (sometimes 2 to 3 day seminars). These seminars provide more in-depth instruction on information management related topics from Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing to XML and other information standards related topics. The focus is on an upgrading of technical and professional skills.
  • DAMA offers discounts on conferences, seminars, and publications for members in conjunction with participating vendors, consultants and book publishers. Usually this will translate into a 10% to 20% savings.
  • DAMA is not affiliated with any vendor, and is thus able to provide input and requirements to the vendor community, uninhibited by the complexities of any specific toolset, techniques, or products.
  • Monthly Newsletter of activities and events.
  • Publicity of our chapter's events and contacts on the DAMA home page on the World Wide Web
  • Opportunity to participate in standards committees and working groups
  • Professional certification through the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP). For more information about ICCP, contact Patricia Cooper at (609) 424-7812.
  • Networking with thousands of IRM professionals, sharing ideas, trends, problems, solutions, and job contacts.

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