March 2021  

President's Report

Presidents Report

To DAMA NYC Members

Well it certainly has been a cold cold Winter so far with lots of snow. However, we  just have a few more weeks to go and Spring will be here. We had an excellent meeting in January with Beth Ouellette, MAGI  speaking on Discipline Agile. We had over 52 people register for the event so thank you for making it a successful event.

I must say our 2020 - 2021 DAMA NYC Virtual program has been very successful. It has also given us a practical approach for most of you, since you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home office to participate.

Lets keep the success of our program going. Please consider registering for our next meeting on March 18th featuring Joe Caserta, Caserta Concepts. Joe will be speaking on “Operationalizing Data Governance”. This is a hot topic. Many organization are not sure how to get beyond the Data Governance Assessment. How do I establish a game plan to roll our data governance. What things need to be completed and in what order. Please plan on registering for this important event. BTW this also will be a Zoom virtual event.

I urge all of you to check out the whole program for 2021, We have a great program planned with speakers like Joe Caserta, Don Soulsby, Len Silverston and Peggy Tsai, just to name a few.

DAMA Day 2021- Please consider registering for DAMA Day 2021 which is on May 20th . The Theme is ” Making Data an Enterprise Asset, Lets Take data Beyond the Lake and the Cloud". We are very fortunate to has as our Keynote speaker, Kelle O’Neal, First San Francisco Partners.

We also have featured speakers from our key Patron Members; BigID, Collibra, Denodo, Erwin, and GlobalID. The event is free for paid up DAMA NYC members and a modest cost of $49.00 for non-members, which also includes a free membership for one year.


Fall Technology Day – Please consider registering for our Fall Technology day which is on October 21, 2021. We have the following Sponsors participating: BigID, Collibra, Denodo and Erwin. This will also be a virtual Zoom event and the format will allow each Sponsor to spend a full hour talking about their products, driven by a Business case. It will give you an opportunity to see a product demo up front and get to ask questions about the products. This will be free to Paid up DAMA NYC members and a modest fee of $49.00 for non members. This event will be available for registration shortly so keep an eye out for it.

Thank you everyone.

Denis Kosar, President DAMA NYC

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Upcoming Events

  • March 18, 2021: Joe Caserta, Caserta Concepts, “Operationalizing Data Governance”


  • April 15, 2021: Don Soulesby, Metawright Inc, “A History of the Data Maturity Model”


  • May 2021: Proposed DAMA Day 2021, "Making Data an Enterprise Asset, Then what?”
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Partner Events

2021 Partner Events --- coming soon.

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