August 2018  

President's Report

                                   Presidents Report August 2018

Happy August Members. Well we have one more month of Summer and school will start again. We will again pick up our DAMA Program for 2018. We at the DAMA NY BOD hope everybody is having a great vacation. Some of you were interested in joining us for the scheduled CDMP Boot Camp which was scheduled at NYU Aug 1-3rd.  We had to cancel it because we didn’t have enough people interested in taking it and the magic number was ten which we never met.

Some of you have asked when the next one has been scheduled. The answer is we have not scheduled it yet. Let’s make a deal. Those of you who want to participate in a future CMDP Boot camp and exam, please drop April Reeve a note and address it to

Please note our upcoming schedule for the remaining year 2018:

  • September 27 2018 – Robert Abate “DMBOK2: Big Data & Data Science". Overview of DAMAI DMBOK "Big Data & Data Science"
  • October 18th Emerging Technology in the Data Space

Any Vendors who would like to participate in our Fall All-day event on October 18th as a speaker or non-speaker sponsor contact denis kosar at and let me know. Thank you. See you at the September 18th meeting


Denis Kosar President DAMA New York



Denis Kosar, President DAMA NYC

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Upcoming Events

September 27, 2018

Robert Abate; "DMBOK2: Big Data & Data Science". 
September 27, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
60 Washington Square South
New York, NY 00000
Robert Abate; "DMBOK2: Big Data & Data Science". Overview of DAMAI DMBOK "Big Data & Data Science"

$0.00 member ticket

$20.00 Non-Member Ticket

Robert Abate  - Speakers Biography

 Robert Abate

A visionary/transformational information executive with passion and demonstrated experience turning data into actionable intelligence and building iterative development teams that drive collaboration.  He thrives where pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking is the norm and re-engineering / breakthrough innovations lead the way through market shifts and digital transformation.

His hands-on information architecture and engineering using leading-edge technologies has supported the development and execution of global information solutions that drive revenue, impact competitive edge, empower decisions, and drive business agility. He has lead industries with information transformation, increased data utilization, advanced analytics visualizations, and data monetization.

He has identified strategic opportunities that have radically changed markets / transformed business models including Wal-Mart’s Data CAFÉ receiving the Technology Project of the Year (2014). Credited as one of the first to publish on Services Oriented Architecture (1996) and the Abate Information Triangle (2004), he is a respected IT thought leader by his peers.

 "DMBOK2: Big Data & Data Science".

Title of Presentation: “DMBOK 2: Big Data & Data Science”

Speaker: Robert J. Abate, CBIP, CDMP

Brief description of the objective content of the presentation 

Attendee's will learn about Big Data and Data Science from the chapter author of the DMBOK 2.  He will review the chapter contents and allow for open discussion and questions.

Abstract of Presentation: 

In this presentation, attendee’s will learn about the best practices in Big Data and Data Science that will enable and empower the next generation of businesses.

The whole information management landscape is changing to incorporate both traditional BI solutions (rear-view mirror) and Big Data / Data Science (exploratory data analysis including forward looking predictive & prescriptive analytics) into a holistic solution that enables a data-driven business world.  Learn from the primary author of this chapter on best practices, methods, tools and techniques.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Overview The Process Of Big Data & Data Science
  • Essential Concepts
  • Big Data & Data Science Activities Revealed Including Real Examples
  • Big Data Toolsets & Techniques
  • Implementation Best Practices & Guidelines With Case Studies
  • Big Data Governance
  • Open Discussion: What does the future hold in store?

Additional Information about Presentation (anything else you consider pertinent to our consideration of your proposal, including additional reasons why your presentation will be beneficial to the audience):

I will explain the chapter contents in detail and show examples of Big Data & Data Science from work at Walmart & Kimberly Clark.


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