December 2019  

President's Report

                             Presidents Report  December 2019 Newsletter

DAMA NYC Members:


Well here it is December already and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Even though we haven’t had a meeting since October 2019, rest asure that your DAMA Board of Directors has been busy doing lots of planning to move us forward into the 2020 new year. Here is a summary of what has been done:


DAMA NYC 2020 Board: The voting for our 2020 DAMA NYC board members is completed. Please read the results produced by our Balloting Committee. Congrats to everyone. We are now positioned to me into 2020 uninterrupted. You are in good hands.


DAMA Day 2020 – I am pleased to report that Robert Abate, our VP Programs has been busy preparing for DAMA Day. He can confirm that John Ladley, will be one of our two Industry speakers for the May 14th event.

We are also working very hard to solicit Sponsorship for the event. We offer three kinds of sponsorship: Speaking, Non-Speaking and Catering to help ease the cost of the event. We try to help keep the operating costs down so the price for a membership ticket can remain the same every year.

We expect DAMA Day 2020 to be the best event ever. It will be sponsored by AIG and will be at 175 Water St. New York, NY. Please sign up early to take advantage of the Early Bird ticket pricing.


2020 Program – Robert Abate has been busy getting speakers for our January and March meetings. As of today we havent received a confirmation for the January 20th meeting . When that happens we will send out a special meeting email. See you there.


Denis Kosar

President DAMA NYC




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January 2020 DAMA Meeting
January 20, 2020
8:45 AM - 10:00 AM
NYU East 17th street
105 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10000

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DAMA Board Office Nomination Ballot

2020 - DAMA NYC Board Of Directors

Position Name
President Denis Kosar
Treasurer  Patricia Komar
Secretary John Baraldi
VP Patron and Sponsor Services Denis Kosar
Program Chair     Robert Abate
VP Marketing    Steve Goldberg
VP Administration  Patricia Dougherty
VP Membership     Jim Keevins
VP Online Services        Paresh Patel
VP Special Projects   Beth Ouellette


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