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March 20, 2014

Dave Loshin Planning for MDM & Big Data
March 20, 2014
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
CA formerly Computer Associates
520 Madison avenue (53rd Street)
New York City, NY 00000
Integration & Data Quality Planning for MDM/Big Data

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   Planning for MDM & Big data

          Dave Loshin

                  This presentation consists of two parts:

Part One Integration Planning for Master Data

 Integration Planning for Master Data - After the master data system has
been designed and the data has been accumulated into a set of
repositories, now what? The challenge is that many existing production
applications are not well-positioned to immediately adopt the use of the
MDM system instead of their own data subsystems. In this talk we discuss
an approach to reviewing the business processes to identify potential
master data integration points (I.e., where the use of a master data
management system can improve the business process) and the identification
of the types of master data services that would be layered to promote
application integration.



  Part Two Data Quality Considerations for Big Data

Big data is all the rage, but the nature of the ³data science² beast essentially bypasses
conventional approaches to data quality management and data governance.
That being said, how can we effectively dovetail the desire for oversight
and control of data quality with rampant consumption of massive data sets
(booth structured and unstructured  flowing from a combination of governed
and increasingly ungoverned sources? In this talk we examine this conflict
in greater detail and then propose a framework for modeling data quality
management and governance for big data.

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