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October 05, 2020

PMP Boot Camp With Personal Coaching Provided by The Ouellette Group
October 05, 2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Virtual Meeting

PMP Boot Camp with Personal Coaching Provided by the Ouellette Group

$1,800.00 The Ouellette Group Ticket

PMP Boot Camp with Personal Coaching

Provided by the Ouellette Group

September 10  - October 8, 2020


PMP Prep Boot Camp Description

The PMP designation is the most sought-after certification in the project management arena.  Not only will it bring a common language to the day-to-day communications among and across teams, it will also allow the application of best practices to your specific projects and enable more timely, higher quality, and on-point delivery of results all while managing customer expectations and improving customer and team satisfaction.    The team approach to the PMP is by far the best.  It is in this forum that the team continues to grow, gel and create synergies that last long after the boot camp is complete. 


The Ouellette Group approach to the PMP Certification designation includes three areas: Content, Exam techniques, and Personalized coaching for each participant.  We ensure that the content is fully covered, including the PMBoK, Project Management Role Delineation, and supplementary materials all which require mastery to successfully pass the exam. Analysis and decomposition of each test question is a combination of technique and art, as such test-taking techniques will be a focus.  We will use sample test questions to not only validate and inform on content areas mastered or needing improvement, but also to decompose and evaluate each question to elicit the right response.  

It is expected that each student will have read the PMBoK in its entirety one time through prior to class.  We will meet in each session and review the critical content for the day’s agenda. The approach is Knowledge-based, following the sequence found in the PMBoK.   Each section will include a series of test questions which will validate knowledge and allow students to practice their exam-taking techniques.  

Each student has the option to be personally coached through the PMP process.  This entails a one-on-one relationship with the instructor.  Based on sample tests throughout the course metrics are gathered.  These metrics are used in conjunction with in-class participation to recommend focus areas, action steps, and best timing to sit for the actual exam.  This coaching relationship creates accountability within each student, including agreed upon milestones, deliverables, and expected communications.  

Everything that is learned and mastered for the PMP exam, will serve to build a strong foundation on the path to obtain the Program Management (PgMP) Certification. This certification is a natural follow-on for your current candidates. 

Duration  The PMP Prep Program’s duration can vary based on the participants knowledge, experience, and commitment to prework.  Based on our understanding of the audience, we recommend evening sessions for this Boot Camp, with mandatory prep work.  This allows for a pre-test assessment, continual test practice, full content coverage, and a post full-exam assessment.  This will serve as the application requirement for eductation. 

Preliminary work   The students will be expected to read the PMBoK in its entirety.  Students should also complete the majority of their application and send it for review/feedback, prior to submission to PMI.  We will want to set up email or blog-type communications so that participants can ask questions or exchange ideas as they read the PMBoK and prepare their application. Beth Ouellette will personally review the application content to ensure correctness, clarity, and completeness as required by PMI.  

Per-Participant Cost  The standard per-participant cost is $2800 which includes all materials (PMBoK, Study Book with practice questions, Simulation CD), instruction, and coaching.  We can accept payment via Zelle, Venmo or PayPal (EFT, credit card, PayPal-to-PayPal).  

This pricing does not include the exam fee.  That is managed solely by PMI via their portal.  There is a notable discount for those who are PMI Members.  The member exam fee is $405, where the non-member exam fee is $555.  (The cost to join PMI is a membership fee of $129, plus a $10 application fee for first-time members.)  

Schedule and Logistics  From September 9th through October 8th, we will meet 2 half-days a week Wednesday 5-9:30 pm and Thursday 5-7:00 pm Eastern time.  Individual work on the simulation software will be documented as part of the education/training time requirement.  All sessions will be held online via The Ouellette Group’s Zoom platform.  

Size  Though the class size can vary from fifteen to participants up to 24, with 16 participants being ideal, we agree to a minimum size of 10 and a maximum of 24 for each session. An exception is being made to help out the NYC PMI Chapter members. 

Per-Participant Cost PMI - NYC Consideration  The per-participant cost is $2800 which includes all materials (PMBoK, Study Book with practice questions, Simulation Software), instruction, and personalized coaching.  We are willing to discount the price to $1800/student for this special session. 

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