Meeting 2016-10-21 Flyer

October 2016, Data Catalog Event - Flyer

DAMA Day 2016

Tom Redman 20 July 2016

DAMA 2018

DAMA-NYC April 25th 2018 - Introduction to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain - Presented by Joe Caserta

DAMA Fall 2018-10-18 - Alternative Data - J Caserta

Using Alternative Data for the Advancement of Financial Services

DAMA Fall 20181018 - Big Data Governance - Collibra

Big, Operational, Learning and Ledgers: The future of Data

DAMA Fall 20181018 - Big Data Visualization Best Practices - Global IDs

A Dialog Surrounding the Use of Visualizations with Big Data by Robert Abate

DAMA Fall 20181018 - Data Virtualization - Denodo - P Moxon

Using Data Virtualization to Accelerate Time-to-Value From Your Data

DAMA Fall 20181018 - Machine Learning - Adaptive

Adaptive Presentation on Machine Learning