May 2018  

President's Report

                                  Presidents Report May 2018 Newsletter


Members, DAMA Day 2018, is the next and last meeting for DAMA NYC before we shut down for the summer.

Our Theme is GDPR and all Compliance, Data Governance and Risk Management people should plan on signing up for this event.

We extended the early bird discount of $99 to May 31st so take advantage. We realize this event is very specialized and we believe there are certain roles that it might appeal to more than others. Can we ask you to be a good data citizen and send this newsletter on to the following roles within your organization:

  • Risk Management (Operational Risk)
  • Data Privacy (EU now but maybe NA later)
  • Data Standards
  • Compliance (they need to make sure the right people are aware of the new regulations)
  • Data Governance (for the same reasons of Data Privacy)

Thank you.

Last months meeting featured Joe Caserta and the topic was BlockChain. It was very well received by all who attended. We are already thinking about a Fall event similar to what we ran last October, a mini DAMA day. As a theme, we are thinking about Data Governance and emerging technology.  

We, DAMA NYC board would like to take the time to thank NYU and AIG in their role of Super Corporate member. We appreciate being the sponsor venue for most of our meetings this year and look forward to a continous  relationship with them both.


Denis Kosar, President DAMA NYC

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